Volume 59 No. 3




Construction Law
E. Joseph Wloszek III & Sarah Barbantini
59 Wayne L. Rev. 895

Criminal Law
Stacey M. Studnicki
59 Wayne L. Rev. 929

Employment and Labor Law
Patricia Nemeth & Deborah Brouwer
59 Wayne L. Rev. 951

Louis F. Meizlish
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1033

Insurance Law
James T. Mellon & David A. Kowalski
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1195

Tort Law
Monica R. Nuckolls
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1243

Workers’ Disability Compensation
Martin L. Critchell
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1275

Amendments to Michigan’s Business Corporation Act and Repeal of the Professional Service Corporation Act
James L. Carey & Justin G. Klimko
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1293

A Newly Revised Post Perpetuities Reform RAP Applicability Flowchart for Property Subject to Michigan Law
James P. Spica
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1347

Revision of Michigan’s Sand Dune Protection and Management Act Benefits Private Interests at the Expense of Local Zoning Regulations
Suzanne P. Sutherland
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1379

The Battered Partner’s Paradox: A Case for Beckley and Wilson Redux
Elizabeth Gotham
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1401

Restoring Detroit One Historic House at a Time: A New Look at Old Historic Preservation Laws
Daniel A. Kosmowski
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1429

Department Ablaze: Legal Solutions for the Dangerously Underfunded Detroit Fire Department
Patrick B. Tully
59 Wayne L. Rev. 1451