67 No. 2


Deregulation and the ‘Gig Academy’
Karen Halverson Cross
67 Wayne L. Rev. 151

Land Redistribution in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Julie Gilgoff
67 Wayne L. Rev. 211

Including Unmarried Women in the Homestead Act of 1862
Hannah Haksgaard
67 Wayne L. Rev. 253

Dual Taxation in Indian Country: The Struggle to Correct Cotton Plantation
Dominic A. Azzopardi
67 Wayne L. Rev. 311

Low Income, Poor Outcome: Unequal Treatment of Indigent Defendants
Nino C. Monea
67 Wayne L. Rev. 345

Transmitting Rule 4(D)(2)’s Cost-Shifting Provisions Abroad
T. Andrew Keating
67 Wayne L. Rev. 401

“Zooming” Into the Future: Virtual International Arbitration in the Post-COVID World
Katherine Smigelski
67 Wayne L. Rev. 429

Health in All Policies: An Approach to Combatting Racism’s Impact on Public Health
Marie Carp
67 Wayne L. Rev. 457

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67 No. 1


Pandemics, Public Trust, and Presidential Records: Amending the Presidential Records Act to Minimize the Risk of Public Corruption During Times of National Crisis
Kimberly Breedon
67 Wayne L. Rev. 1

Coronavirus Liability: Lessons from the H1N1, Ebola, and Zika Crises
Chad G. Marzen
67 Wayne L. Rev. 27

COVID-19 Policy Executive (In)Action in Florida and Michigan
William M. Myers & Davia Cox Downey
67 Wayne L. Rev. 47

The Fundamental Right to Biological Integrity
Paul Matouka
67 Wayne L. Rev. 57

COVID-19 Litigation and the Rational Basis Test
Ilan Wurman
67 Wayne L. Rev. 85

Eliminating the ESI Tax Exclusion: A Sensible and Necessary Solution to the Ongoing Healthcare Debate
Taylor Janssen
67 Wayne L. Rev. 93

When Religion Hijacks Healthcare: A Congressional Solution to the Problem with Religious Sole Community Hospitals
Falynn E. Koppy
67 Wayne L. Rev. 113

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