68 No. 1


Pandemic Federalism
Cary Coglianese
68 Wayne L. Rev. 1

Agency and Legislative Oversight as Problem Feedback: The Case of the Mid-Michigan Dam Failures
Kristin Taylor, Rob A. Deleo & Thomas A. Birkland
67 Wayne L. Rev. 31

The “Four Lakes Story”—Mid-Michigan’s Dam Failures: What Happened and What We Learned. A Case Study of the Four Lakes Task Force and the Restoration of the Four Lakes System
Joseph W. Colaianne & David E. Kepler
68 Wayne L. Rev. 65

Infrastructure Project Oversight: Lessons Learned from the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project
Andrew S. Doctoroff
68 Wayne L. Rev. 87

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Oversight Summary and Recommendations
Goldenhersh, L.E.; Gartner, J.; Henkin, Z.; McCormack, R.
68 Wayne L. Rev. 145

A New Database for Congressional Oversight Reports
Grace Moore
68 Wayne L. Rev. 213

Policy Recommendations for Oversight of Infrastructure Spending
Shruti Shah
68 Wayne L. Rev. 243

How Much Is Enough? Voter Registration List Maintenance Under the NVRA
Erin Gianopoulos
68 Wayne L. Rev. 265

How ‘Worthy’ Is Newsworthy? Re-Evaluating Fair Use in the Social Media Age
Aleanna-Terese B. Siacon
68 Wayne L. Rev. 287

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