Executive Board

Lauren Potocsky, Editor-in-Chief
The editor-in-chief is responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the Review, including supervising all executive board members in their duties. The EIC works as a liaison with the administration and faculty, as well as with others in the legal community. The EIC is involved in the selection of members for the Review, as well as publication decisions regarding student authors. The EIC is the last line of defense in the editing process and must prepare each issue for publication.

Stephen Reaume, Managing Editor
The managing editor works with the editor-in-chief and publisher in readying issues for publication. The managing editor implements and oversees copyright and licensing provisions of the Review’s bylaws; manages and maintains the Review’s library; serves as a liaison to alumni, coordinates the annual alumni reception; maintains subscriber and alumni databases; manages article reprints; and serves as contact with Lexis, Westlaw, and the Bureau of National Affairs.

Amy Huang, Production Editor
The production editor manages the editing process for the articles. The production editor handles correspondence with article authors and guides them through the editing process.

John Malone, Executive Note & Comment Editor
The executive note & comment editor supervises both the senior note & comment editors and the assistant editors throughout the note writing process. The executive note & comment editor also organizes the yearly write-on competition and with the editor-in-chief helps select which write-on participants will be invited to join the Review.

Trever Sims, Executive Articles Editor
The executive articles editor reviews all incoming submission to the Wayne Law Review and selects articles for publication in the two regular editions, compiles and categorizes all published Michigan court cases, recruits authors to write on each area of law covered in the Annual Survey of Michigan Law, and oversees Survey article submissions.

Nicole Sappingfield, Symposium Editor
The symposium editor coordinates the Wayne Law Review’s Annual Symposium. The Annual Symposium provides a forum for students, scholars, professors and the public to discuss a timely legal issue. The upcoming Symposium will focus on criminal sentencing standards. Scholars from the academic and professional community will be invited to Wayne State University Law School to speak on current issues arising both national in scope and within the State of Michigan.

Ian Evans, Technology Editor
The technology editor ensures that the Review remains relevant in electronic format. As rapid technological innovation presents the world with new and faster modes of non-print communication, the technology editor is concerned with ensuring that the Review is readily available to the vast internet community. To achieve this goal, the technology editor will make articles available in PDF format, actively connect with the legal community using social media websites, and keep the Review website up to date with ongoing news and events happening at Wayne Law.

 Staff Members

Senior Note & Comment Editors

The senior note & comment editors are each assigned a small group of assistant editors. The senior note & comment editors provide feedback and assistance to their group throughout the note writing process.  Contact the voting member at:

Jessica Hoyer‡
Jacob Clark
Austin Probst
Joe Yaccarino

Senior Articles Editors

The senior articles editors oversee the assistant editors and help guide them through the editing of the articles. Contact the voting member at:

Emily Fields‡
Justin Rostker
Ethan Schultz
Stefan Yambao

Assistant Editors

Assistant editors are first-year Law Review members. They are responsible for the bulk of the initial editing process. Additionally, in order to receive credit, each assistant editor must write a note of publishable quality on a timely legal topic of their choice, which is considered for publication in the Review.

Jared Christensen
Sarah Cravens
DeLone Dawisha
Joe Duffy
Laura Ebert
David Fox
Susan Gleich
Marianne Grano
Kristina Gregerson
Nhan Ho
Alana Karbal
Dane Lepola
Thomas Lurie
Giuliano Mancini
Erin Mette
Kimberly Moehle
Mark Oszust
Ewelina Sawicka
Brendan Sawyer
Jeffrey Schultz
Isabella Shaya
Bridget Vance

‡ Voting Member