National and State Marijuana Reform: The Economic, Social, Legal and Health Implications

Although marijuana is designated as a scheduled 1 controlled substance, making its possession, growth, and use illegal under federal law, sixteen states
and the District of Columbia have enacted laws decriminalizing marijuana for medical use. Michigan legislation has removed criminal sanctions for the medical use of marijuana. The enforcement of federal law, local regulation and the protections of health care providers and patients are key issues in the state of Michigan.

This symposium addresses some of the major social, economic, health and legal issues presented by current marijuana laws and proposed marijuana policies. Specifically, the discussion will explore the dichotomy between federal and state marijuana legalization, the policy behind the respective laws, as well as addressing the unpredictability of their enforcement. The afternoon discussion will consider the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, local regulation and enforcement, physician compliance and patient’s rights.

Keynote address, Mike Cox – Dykema Gossett PLLC

Professor Robert Sedler – Wayne State University Law Schoo

Dr. Saby Ghoshra – Founder of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies

Kevin Sabet – Policy Consultant to the United Nations and Former Advisor to Director Gil Kerlikowske of the National Office of Drug Control Policy


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