Volume 60 No. 1





Michigan State Constitutionalism: On the Front of the Last Wave
Robert F. Williams
60 Wayne L. Rev. 1


Explaining State Constitutional Change
Alan Tarr
60 Wayne L. Rev. 9

Autonomy and Isomorphism: The Unfulfilled Promise of Structural Autonomy in American State Constitutions
James A. Gardner
60 Wayne L. Rev. 31

State Constitutional Études: Variations on the Theme of a Contemporary State Constitutional Problem
Justin R. Long
60 Wayne L. Rev. 69

The Michigan Constitution, Judicial Rulemaking, and Erie-Effects on State Governance
Helen Hershkoff
60 Wayne L. Rev. 117

Policy Provisions in State Constitutions: The Standards and Practice of State Constitution-Making in the Post-Baker v. Carr Era
John Dinan
60 Wayne L. Rev. 155

The Endurance of State Constitutions: Preliminary Thoughts and Notes on the New Hampshire Constitution
Lawrence Friedman
60 Wayne L. Rev. 203


Booking It to the Supreme Court: The Evolution of the First Sale Doctrine and Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Christopher J. Adams
60 Wayne L. Rev. 219

Protecting Our Students: The Need for Audiovisual Monitoring In Special Needs Classrooms
Kaitlyn Morin
60 Wayne L. Rev. 241

Who Is A Minister? Broadening the Scope of the Ministerial Exception after Hosanna-Tabor
Mark Steiner
60 Wayne L. Rev. 261

Restoring Integrity in American Businesses: A Broad Interpretation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Weiling Chou
60 Wayne L. Rev. 283

The “Baby Veronica” Case: Current Implementation Problems of the Indian Child Welfare Act
Jane Burke
60 Wayne L. Rev. 307

Chevron and the Shrinking Judicial Role in Environmental Law: Why Now Is the Time to Reform Chevron
Lauren Saad
60 Wayne L. Rev. 329