Volume 55 No. 3

Wayne Law Review

Volume 55 No. 3

What We Learn in Troubled Times: Deregulation and Safe Work in the New Economy
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1197
Susan Bisom-Rapp

Ideological Dissonance, Disability Backlash, and the ADA Amendments Act
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1267
Cheryl L. Anderson

Vigilante Justice: Prosecutor Misconduct in Capital Cases
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1327
Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier & Stephen R. Greenwald with Harold Reynolds & Jonathan Sussman

Symmetrical Use of Universal Damages Principles—Such As the Principles Underlying the Doctrine of Proximate Cause—To Distinguish Breach-Induced Benefits That Offset Liability from Those That Do Not
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1387
John Marks

An Analysis of Federal Rule of Evidence 502 and Its Early Application
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1441
Roger P. Meyers

The Constitution and the American Federal System
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1487
Robert A. Sedler

Elevating Form over Substance: Why Circuit Courts Must Modify Their Procedural Approach to Juries’ Use of the Bible in the Sentencing Phase of a Capital Case
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1545
Nicole Matisse

Michigan Road-Ends: Protecting Private Property Rights While Preserving Public Access To Inland Lakes.
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1565
Marc W. Oswald

Exempt No More: An Examination Of The Ninth Circuit’s Recent Application Of Section 501(C)(4) To Non-Profit Health Insurance Providers
55 Wayne L. Rev. 1583
John E. Scheibelhut