68 No. 2


Festschrift in Honor of Peter Henning
Derek E. Bambauer
68 Wayne L. Rev. 311

In His Own Words: The Peter Henning I Knew
Joan MacLeod Heminway
67 Wayne L. Rev. 315

With Gratitude and Great Fondness: Remembering Peter Henning
Eric Kades
68 Wayne L. Rev. 321

I Owe My Teaching Career to Peter Henning
David A. Moran
68 Wayne L. Rev. 323

Most of All A Friend
Ellen S. Podgor
68 Wayne L. Rev. 327

Peter Jon Henning
Alan S. Schenk
68 Wayne L. Rev. 331

Peter J. Henning: Colleague and Friend
Robert A. Sedler
68 Wayne L. Rev. 337

On Peter Henning
Steven Davidoff Solomon
68 Wayne L. Rev. 339

The Entertaining Peter Henning
R. David Walk, Jr.
68 Wayne L. Rev. 341

“First Casebook Editions are for Practice” and the Honesty of Peter Henning
Eric A. Zacks
68 Wayne L. Rev. 343

The Law and Economics of Ticket Scalping
Matthew J. Parlow
68 Wayne L. Rev. 345

How Social Worker Defender Programs can Improve Indigent Defense In Michigan Despite Challenges to Implementation
McKenna L. Thayer
68 Wayne L. Rev. 371

Campaign Finance “See” Change in Michigan? Examining Michigan’s Campaign Finance Disclosure Regime Post-Bonta
Calder Burgam
68 Wayne L. Rev. 389

A Wish upon a Monkey Paw for Academic Freedom: Meriwether and the Right to Misgender Transgender Students
Brian Sarnacki
68 Wayne L. Rev. 423

Exploitation under the Guise of Education: A Proposal for the Classification of Student Workers
Michael Puro
68 Wayne L. Rev. 443