64 No. 1




Defining Congressional Oversight and Measuring Its Effectiveness
Former Senator Carl Levin and Elise J. Bean
64 Wayne L. Rev. 2

Monitoring or Meddling? Congressional Oversight of the Judicial Branch
Lauren C. Bell
64 Wayne L. Rev. 23

Executive Privilege in a Hyper-Partisan Era
Kimberly Breedon & A. Chistopher Bryant
64 Wayne L. Rev. 63

Congressional Law Enforcement
Richard Broughton
64 Wayne L. Rev. 95

Who Conducts Oversight? Bill-Writers, Lifers, and Nailbiters
Brian D. Feinstein
64 Wayne L. Rev. 127

The Atrophying of the Congressional Research Service’s Role in Supporting Committee Oversight
Kevin R. Kosar
64 Wayne L. Rev. 150

Field Hearings and Congressional Oversight
Jonathan Lewallen, Sean M. Theriault and Bryan D. Jones
64 Wayne L. Rev. 163

Delegation and Its Discontents
Jamelle C. Sharpe
64 Wayne L. Rev. 185

Extraterritorial Congressional Oversight
Andrew McCanse Wright
64 Wayne L. Rev. 228

The State of Trademark Law Following B&B Hardware, Inc. v. Hargis Industries, Inc.: Not as Groundbreaking as it May Appear
Jared Christensen
64 Wayne L. Rev. 249

Divine Disputes: Why and How Michigan Courts Should Revisit Church Property Law
Marianne Grano
64 Wayne L. Rev. 270

Review of EEOC Pre-Suit Requirements Post-Mach Mining
Kristina A. Gregerson
64 Wayne L. Rev. 297