66 No. 3 – Annual Survey of Michigan Law


Evidence Law
Timothy A. Doman
66 Wayne L. Rev. 723

Family Law Update in the Year Prior to COVID
Roquia Draper
66 Wayne L. Rev. 751

Class Action Litigation
Nathan J. Fink
66 Wayne L. Rev. 793

Commercial Litigation: Recent Developments in Michigan Law
Lynn Sholander
66 Wayne L. Rev. 817

Too Little Too Late: Congress Raises the Stakes of Workplace Sexual Harassment
Lauren Ayoub
66 Wayne L. Rev. 843

Jesus, Take the Wheel: Liability and Insurance Implications in Michigan’s Pending World of Autonomous Vehicles
Michael P. Carty
66 Wayne L. Rev. 867

Michigan’s No-Fault Reform: A Nightmare for Victims and their Providers
Briana Combs
66 Wayne L. Rev. 895

A Distinction Without a Difference: 28 U.S.C. ยง 1782 and International Arbitration
Samuel Hess
66 Wayne L. Rev. 923